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Height: 5'0"  |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Black

Theater (selected)

Fetes de la Nuit   |   Sumiko   |    Strike Anywhere Productions

To Gillian on her 37th Birthday   |   Rachel   |   React

Yesterday's Window   |   September   |   Freehold Studio

Sex in Seattle   |   Shari   |   SIS Productions

S.A.M. I Am  |   Jackie   |   React

The Importance of Being Earnest   |   Cecily   |   React


The G-Rated Threeway |   Supporting   |  Joseph Neibich

Be the Church   |   Featured   |   Jen Howell

Bereft Left   |   Featured   |   Gina Ronhovde

Love's Killing Room   |   Lead   |   James Tucker

Michiko   |   Lead   |   Yauna Baron  

Ordinary Angels  |   Supporting   |   Todd Downing

The Scratch   |   Featured   |   Jorge Suarez 

Training & Workshops

Core Class   |   Zak Barnett Studios/Michael Connors

Captivating Closeups Class      |   Wendy Davis

Alexander Technique   |   Jennifer Schultz, Leah Zhang

Script Analysis   |   Adam Collis, Tony Pasqualini

Special Skills

I can do a baby voice (yeah, I really can), like yoga, am an entertainingly bad but cheerful bowler, a cook of diverse tastes, have done and genuinely enjoy hand-to-hand combat and love doing a British dialect (particularly when reading Harry Potter - but one must do that when reading Harry Potter, right?).

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